Saturday, December 20, 2008

UrbanOutfitters - Top Picks

I spent hours on UrbanOutfitters today so I thought it would be appropriate if I blogged a few of my selected favorites. I am absolutely in love with both of these lace up boots and cannot decide between the two. I may end up buying both and selling the least favorite when they arrive. Any suggestions?
Miss Sixty Keyla Boot $149.99 USD

Jeffrey Campbell Lace-Up Bootie $99.99 USD
Silence & Noise Speakeasy Lace Slip $54.00 USD

Silence & Noise Menswear Vest $78.00 USD

Silence & Noise Gauze Shirttail Tank $38.00 USD

Cheap Monday Karin Dress $70.00 USD


  1. love the boots, :)

  2. Awesome selection.!! Last dress is my favorite.. Urban Outfitters ROCKS!!

  3. boots are awesome (first one are my favourite!)
    i just ordered a bunch of things off their site!
    would you wear the slip under something or as a dress as is?